Otýlie is quiet, dry, more thoughtful, it will surprise even an experienced drinker of natural drinks. It comes from the varieties Čistecké lahůdkové, Matčino, Lord lambourne, Jonatan and Malinové holovouské. Single cask.

Unmasked by the usual layers of artificial sparkling and sweetening, UTOPIA is quiet, dry – true and more reminiscent of natural wines than conventional ciders.
750 ml, alcohol 7% vol.


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“Otýlie – as soon as you smell it, she already has you! She draws you into the action like Falko Bastien in The Never Ending Story.”

750 ml, 7% alcohol

Utopia Cider

In the age of industrial denaturation of food, these ciders originated almost utopianly: in orchards without spraying ・ fermented spontaneously with wild cultures ・ 12 months on sludge ・ 12 months in 225l neutral oak barrels ・ without filtration ・ without clarification ・ without pasteurization ・ without artificial saturation ・ without pumps ・ without added acids ・ without added tannins ・ without added enzymes・ Without added sulphites.

UTOPIA is alive
Store it in a dark, cool place up to 8 ° C, enjoy it from a wine glass between 13 and 16 ° C – at a lower temperature you would be deprived of taste and aroma.

more also here: https://www.utopiacider.cz/utopiareadme.pdf

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