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international tasting festival

We’ve been dreaming of our own modern beer festival for years and this year we’re finally bringing it to you and to ourselves. We’ve invited 20 international breweries that we’ve met at all sorts of European beer festivals. They’ll be bringing a total of 120 different beers for you to sample in three waves over the course of one day from morning to night. The festival will feature a selection of the best Czech lagers, a traditional Bohemian pig slaughter, modern Czech gastronomy and an after party with electronic music from our local Prague DJs.

Join us in the beautiful surroundings of the Gabriel Loci Monastery and live our dream with us.


27. LEDNA 2024, 12:00
CZK 2290



brewski » Pivovar Zichovec

Brewski (SE)

If one wants to talk about Swedish beer culture, he can't do so withou talking about Brewski. Their revolutionary approach to hoppy and fruity beers together with their original look is known by virtually everyone.

white dog » Pivovar Zichovec

White Dog (NL)

White Dog carries the essence of the Dutch postmodernity through their Juicy NEIPAs, deep pastry stouts and vibrant fruity smoothie sours.

attic brew » Pivovar Zichovec

Attic Brew (GB)

These Birmingham-born brewers proudly represent their home city with super drinkable ales, stronger hoppy IPAs and even traditional English bitters.

oud beerse » Pivovar Zichovec

Oud Beersel (BE)

The truly original Belgian brewing tradition will be represented by one of the last original and authentic lambic blenders, the Oud Beersel brewery, which is famous for combining historical spontaneously fermented beers with modern ingredients.

zemia obiecana » Pivovar Zichovec

Browar Ziemia Obiecana (PL)

Our friends from the Polish flying brewery Ziemia Obiecana will bring their interpretations of modern beer styles, led by fragrant fresh IPAs and fruit-laden sours.

NAILO » Pivovar Zichovec

Naïlo Brewing (FI)

Naïlo is quite a newcomer to the Finnish beer scene. They have been brewing beer only since 2019, but even so, they already have a nice line of beer styles under their belt, of which Naïlo will present a selection of the best at our festival.

bereta » Pivovar Zichovec

BERETA Brewing (RO)

Bereta Brewery represents the new wave of Romanian brewing through the use of state-of-the-art techniques and ingredients that they transform into modern beer styles such as New England IPAs, pastry sours and thick stouts.

omnipolo » Pivovar Zichovec


Omnipollo needs no introduction to most. This Swedish postmodern has been pushing the boundaries of what we can call beer for quite some time now, and their selection at our festival will be in that spirit.

les intentables » Pivovar Zichovec

Les Intentables (FR)

We often inform you about our travels and successes in France. Now we would like to introduce you to the friends we have made there. From Strasbourg, we welcome a brewery that is small in size but huge in heart, and is sure to win you over with their original sours and fragrant New England IPAs.

sudden death » Pivovar Zichovec

Sudden Death Brewing (DE)

Germany is a country with a rich history of brewing, where pride in traditional practices often prevails over the need to innovate. Despite this, you'll find many breweries here that stand against the tide, and one of them is Sudden Death, whose interpretation of modern styles easily stands up against the best.

3bir » Pivovar Zichovec

3bir Brewery (SRB)

We love travelling to the Balkans for beer. This is due to the legendary Slavic hospitality, which we fully experienced during our visit to the Serbian brewery 3bir. The guys from 3bir will be bringing that hospitality with them in January, so be sure to stop by to enjoy some nice modern beers and good vibes.

sofiabrewing » Pivovar Zichovec

Sofia Electric Brewing (BGR)

Our Bulgarian friends from Sofia Electric Brewing will come to us directly from the capital Sofia. In Bulgaria, we have seen a pleasant trend of combining modern beer trends with traditional Bulgarian ingredients and we hope that you will be able to taste this trend this time as well.

hellstork » Pivovar Zichovec

Hellstork Remeselný Pivovar (SK)

The representation of our eastern brothers will be taken care of by none other than everyone's favourite brewery Hellstork from Myjava. Peter and Dan from Hellstork will mainly bring their wild program, which is equal to the best we can find in Europe.

brew your mind » Pivovar Zichovec

Brew Your Mind (HU)

The Hungarian scene hides a pearl that doesn't get to look outside its home very often. Small production and high demand makes Brew Your Mind sometimes hard to find even in Budapest. But why is that? Simple. Their juicy New England IPAs are on par with the best you'll find anywhere in the world.

protokoll » Pivovar Zichovec

Protokoll (DE)

A beer visit to Berlin cannot take place without the beer bar Protokoll, which has been brewing its own beer as a flying brewery for several years now. Get a taste of one of Germany's most famous modern brands.

nova runda » Pivovar Zichovec

Nova Runda (HR)

The pioneers of Croatian craft brewing, who have been brewing beer since 2014, come to us with a selection of the best of their modern beer creations, led by both hazy and clear super fragrant IPAs.

fenetra » Pivovar Zichovec

Fenetra (CZ)

From the Clock brewery comes their wild project Fenetra, which embodies the local ingredients and microflora of the Potštejn region in their perfectly tuned Farmhouse Ale and Wild Ale style beers.

placeholder » Pivovar Zichovec

Many Worlds (CZ)

The first and so far only Czech brewery that brews beers in organic form. Many Worlds is based in the former Unhošt' brewery building, where they brew extremely long fermenting and maturing wild beers using organic ingredients and fruit, often from their own production.

wild creatures » Pivovar Zichovec

Wild Creatures (CZ)

Wild Creatures is the pioneer of wild fermentation in the Czech Republic and a brand that has become famous all over the world from Europe, to America and Asia. Their production combines traditional wild beer fermentation methods with winemaking traditions and fruits from the wine region of South Moravia.

metaphore » Pivovar Zichovec

Métaphore (CZ)

Our invitation was accepted by Jiří Sládek with his brewery Métaphore. It is shrouded in legends and very hard to find even in its homeland. We are very grateful for his participation and look forward to tasting his fine-tuned creations, which combine the best that Czech nature and agricultural production has to offer.


About us

In addition to classic beers, our brewery also specializes in various types of specialty beers. We are recognized champions in NEIPA and other modern beer styles. Our brewery produces over 100 beers a year!

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